The move reveals Facebook’s intention to harvest yet more of your personal data for gain.

So, finally, the inevitable has happened. Facebook has completed its mission to turn the world’s greatest private, ad-free communications platform into a massive pipe to suck up the personal data of billions of people and sell it on to advertisers.

This is what we now know as “surveillance capitalism”, as…

Extinction Rebellion protest, Piccadilly Circus, 15th April 2019 (JAMES FLINT)

Dear Extinction Rebellion,

I’m going to start by quoting from my new book, Midland. Because it’s relevant, and because I can:

“We’ve been trying to get someone to make a documentary about one of our EcoPath projects.”

“How have you got on?”

“I’ve been to see people at a few…

Given that I run a messaging platform, Hospify, specifically designed to offer people a data-compliant alternative to tools like WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram when chatting in a health care context, it’s no surprise that I’m often asked: “What’s the matter with WhatsApp?”

So here it is: my cut-out-n-keep guide to…

Very pleased to see my piece about my experiences on the Springboard Data Science Career Track Course — and the impact of digital on the art/science divide — go live on the Springboard blog, complete with portrait by Sean Geer.

You can read the piece here.

Big thanks to all at Springboard, especially Raj, Kane, Jan Zikeš, Janet, Adenika and Julia for all your support throughout the program (and the edit process!); and thank you also to tabitha goldstaub from CognitionX for turning me onto the course in the first place. It was an amazing experience, and anyone who’s familiar with the work we’re now doing at Hospify can easily see how transformative it proved to be.

Hospify — the compliant chat and data company I founded with two surgeons four years ago, in anticipation of the current storm over widespread data abuse

I’ve been meaning to blog about my role as CEO of Hospify for a while now, and the events of the last week or two have convinced me that now’s the time to do it. The exposé of the data abuse conducted by Cambridge Analytica, and its impact on the…

James Flint

Writer, co-founder of Hospify, plaything of the gods

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